Makeup Tutorials

I keep on the lookout for really good how-to videos. From foundation to false eyelashes, this video series will help you master the essentials.

Stage makeup is very different from your every day kind of makeup and good performance makeup application makes a huge difference. It adds tremendously to your personae and your confidence.

I like well produced videos that are clear in instruction and easy to see what they are doing. Some of them promote certain tools or brands, but everything I add is good quality in term of production and what you can learn.

There are certain brands of makeup that are very popular and I know high quality brushes and other tools are really helpful. But don’t ever be afraid to improvise!

Product junkies- You’ll want a pen and paper handy to write some of this stuff down!

Remember to click on that box to the left of the YouTube icon! That opens up all six videos.


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