On Creativity

On Creativity

The direction of South corresponds with the heat of the sun and with the element of Fire. Here is the place where alchemy transforms elements of the physical realm with our thoughts and intentions.

So this is the place from which we birth our art!

Just as Fire utilizes both of those realms; Earth/wood and air, and transforms the energy contained within, so too our own ‘elements’ are brought to a sacred firing.

The practice I associated with this step on the Spiral Path is Creative Collage. For me, that means digital. For you it may be painting, sewing or sculpting. It doesn’t really matter.

Collage work is great for doing visioning work though. It helps you to get ‘see’ what it is your trying to work on or conjure up in your life.

While I try to use all my own images, sometimes I buy some, sometimes I use classic public domain images which I then layered into a background with overlays and embellishments. (Click here to see more of my digital collage projects.)

From fooling around with digital collage, I’ve started getting interested in photography. At the heart of it though, creativity is as essential to me as breathing.

So, what kind of art are you creating?






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