On Invoking The Goddess

On Invoking The Goddess

I think of the Goddess Dances as acts of practical magic, and when contemporary exotic dance forms are coupled with what I call the ‘Conscious-Craft’ practices of The Spiral Path, real magic happens.

Too many women hide a terrible amount of quiet baggage; struggles with self esteem, body loathing, less than satisfactory sex lives, relationship issues, health and fitness concerns, or just plain feeling there aught to be something more!

The Goddess, in her myriad forms, indicate that each incarnation of ourselves, in whatever stage of life or body we’re in, are universal expressions worthy of consideration- even worship. I believe every woman should be encouraged to feel empowered and sexy, at any age.

Awaken your body confidence by exploring different forms of contemporary exotic dance:

  • Fusion-Style Belly Dance¬†
  • Burlesque
  • Pole Dance¬†


The Acts of Practical Magic


The Spiral Path

The Goddess dances a spiral path – a circular journey back to our sacred selves.

From the ancient folk art of belly dance fundamentals to contemporary hoop dance for fun or fitness, to creating a personal ritual that marks an important milestone in your life; all of these practices are wild and undisciplined.

‘Conscious-Craft’ – Practices Without Pedigree

The ‘Conscious-Craft’ practices I explore here and blog about coincide with each of the cardinal directions and each of the elements. They are a reminder to honor and nurture all aspects of ourselves as we see ourselves and the journey of our lives aligned with nature and the seasons. You can visualize the spiral path in a circle on the ground; you move clockwise from one direction to the next, coming back to where you started to continue on the journey.

There are five directions with corresponding elements:

  1. North coincides with the physical realm, with Earth. So this is the realm of dance, physical health and vitality, sexuality, any aspect of the physical. My own focus in the physical realm is centered on what I call contemporary exotic dance forms.
  2. East coincides with the element of air, the rising sun and the aspect of contemplation. Is is the realm of ideas and intellect. My practice is this realm is writing; contemplative journal writing, creative writing and non-fiction all are ‘Conscious-Craft’ practices.
  3. South corresponds to the element of fire; the realm of transformation. Here the ‘Conscious-Craft’ is creativity and the arts. All forms of art are a kind of wild alchemy, crazy, chaotic miraculous accomplishments! My own creative focus at the moment is digital collage.
  4. West is the realm of water and emotions. This is the place of life planning, personal development, relationships, goals, dreams, and therapy. My corresponding practice here is Life Mapping. (It’s a strategy of combing personal goals with creative collage work and writing into sort of a personal life blueprint!)
  5. The final cardinal direction is the center of the circle; it’s everywhere and nowhere. It is the real of Great Spirit, or Goddess. However you conceive of it is up to you. Goddess just makes sense for me, even though I don’t “believe” in any traditional sense of that word!

These are just my guidelines, but here there are truly no rules, no taboos and no pedigrees!

Let’s play and explore, develop more sass and confidence, experiment with music, costuming, and personae, and find a community of like-minded women…

Let us make our magic!



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