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The Mistress Lilith At Burning Man

The ‘Predator’ and her pole


I’m a writer and all around creative spirit who’s been dancing for about thirty years, and Lilith is the stage name I continue to use in my creative pursuits.

I worked full time as an exotic dancer for eleven years, performed in college and community cabaret shows, taught pole dance at Burning Man , perform at friend’s parties, and I’m still a regular in my local goth/industrial scene.

My approach to dance is not as high art, but more ordinary birthright that’s accessible to anybody.  I’m always adapting different movement forms into my vision of what I think of as contemporary exotic dance.

Lilith Doing Homemade Burlesque Glamour Hair Fun!

So I’m firmly fusion-style, in dance and in life. I’m as likely to be enamored with learning swing dance as with Aikido. (I did study Aikido for a year and a half.) Aside from being passionate about all forms of creative expression, I’m also influenced by self realization and the esoteric arts.

I’ve always loved my myths and personae, and Lilith in particular is a powerful and provocative namesake. You can read more about the mythic Lilith here, or click on these other links to delve deeper into some of the mysteries that creatively inspire me; Qabalah , Neo-pagan/Wicca, and the Western Magick tradition.  Directed by my patron deity Trickster, I blend all this silly nonsense into what is hopefully a most provocative creation– dance as an art form that is simultaneously sacred, sexy, transformative, and subversive.

So, it’s a serious vision that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Mistress Lilith in 'Predator' Mode



The Predator - Spike's Vampire Bar Burning Man

 “Predator” – Spike’s Vampire Bar – Burning Man

In the very short video below, I talk a bit about creativity in general. Make sure to check out The Goddess Dances YouTube Channel.


  1. Marina Thies

    Hello, I found this nice image of Mata Hari today at your website and I was wonderng if it could be used as background image for a roll up poster on Mata Hari which I design for a group of cultural scientists in The Netherlands.It would be great if you could get back to me. Thank you very much. Best regards, Marina Thies

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