The Spiral Path e-Course…


I’m working on making a collection out of what I call the 5 elements of the Spiral Path.  In it, I bring you the tools and practices that still help me bring together dance, creativity and spirituality in my own life.

All that I read, done, explored, developed, practiced, created or facilitated in the form of rituals, writings, workshops, dances, or performances have contributed to my continuous reinvention of my authentic self.

In this little e-course I hope to encourage you to cultivate the most juicy, divine, creative Goddess I believe resides in each of us.

I call this A Spiral Path, because like the shape that suggests a continuous looping back upon itself, my experience is that life indeed is such a journey.

There is no destination.

I think we continually wind back upon the lessons that perhaps take a lifetime to master.

The Spiral Path is each step on the journey, from one ‘Conscious-Craft’ to another in a circle that winds back upon itself:

  • Perform –contemporary exotic dance, yoga & other physical arts celebrate the realm of the sensual, which corresponds to the element of Earth. These are the acts we perform enabling us to embody our divine feminine.
  • Contemplate; which cultivates the realm of mind. I correlate that with the element of air.
  • Create; the realm of artistic chaos is where the element of fire resides.
  • Plan; Dreaming visions into reality in the realm of the now correlates to the element of water.
  • Ritual; Communing with Great Spirit and embody our True selves in the shadow realm of ‘in-between’. This is the realm of everywhere and nowhere. The center of a sacred circle. The use of ritual helps to tie everything together.

I hope you’ll join me!

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